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Spiral stars Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman as Malik in an unsettling and surprisingly affecting story of small-town horror. Malik is a writer moving to a new place with his partner Aaron. He's looking for a fresh start. Aaron's daughter is also in tow. Chill, right? Maybe? No. Malik will soon wish he'd never set foot there. On arriving, Malik begins to notice strange goings-on in the community. The neighbors appear to be doing some ritual—maybe a red flag—and there's a palpable sense of hostility toward them as newcomers, which reaches a boiling point when Malik's home gets tagged with a homophobic slur—definitely a red flag. If you scroll through the comments on Spiral's trailer, you’ll see the reductive suggestion that the film is “basically Get Out for Gays.” That's... not exactly right. Malik is not just visiting, like in Get Out, he's moving to the neighborhood. That distinction gives the story a very different perspective. Him being unwelcome means his attempt to start fresh will have failed, which provides the film complex emotional stakes.


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