The Sixth Annual Seattle Boylesque Festival

This event is out of date and is likely to be canceled or postponed.
Every day, from Apr 2 - Apr 3
Various locations Central Business District
$15 - $50

COVID-19 Update: This event has been rescheduled from its original date due to coronavirus concerns. The date on this page reflects the latest information about this event.

Male and genderqueer burlesque dancers from across the country will blast gender norms apart with the aid of titillating moves and generously bared skin. Don't miss local favorites like Waxie Moon, Luminous Pariah, Faggedy Randy, and Mod Carousel and guests from afar like Montreal's Heaven Genderfuck and New York's 2 to Fly. Ernie Von Schmaltz and Shelly "the Singing Siren" Watson will host opening night at Queer Bar on Thursday; Schmaltz will return Friday and Watson on Saturday.

At Queer Bar (opening night) and the Triple Door.

Thurs April 9 at Queer/Bar
2 to Fly (NYC), Waxie Moon (Seattle), Jake Dupree (LA), Harry Ladyman (MI), Dickie Smalls (NYC), Android Allure (Seattle) Seductive Tease (Seattle), Heaven Genderfuck (Montreal), Bender Flames (Denver), MAX (Seattle), and Twinky Boots (NYC).

Friday, April 10th at the Triple Door
Ben Franklin (NYC), Mod Carousel (Seattle), Johnny Nuriel (Portland), P NoNoire (Chicago), Paris Original (Seattle), Jupiter Everhard (Montana), Faggedy Randy (Seattle), Indy Fire (Denver), Strippin' in the Rain (Seattle), EmperROAR Fabulous!!! (Seattle), Fosse Jack (Seattle), Moscato Extatique (Seattle), Rover Suede (Seattle), Tony Tapatio (Seattle), Taqueet$ (Seattle), and Jo Jo Stileto and The Actor Mahria Zook (Seattle).

Saturday, April 11th at the Triple Door 
IZOHNNY (Portland), 2 to Fly (NYC), Jake Dupree (LA), Luminous Pariah (Seattle), Waxie Moon (Seattle), Trojan Original (Seattle), Vic Sin (NYC), Joshua Dean (NYC), Isaiah Tillman (Portland), Burning Loins (Denver), Jupiter Everhard (Montana), Homo Hardware (Vancouver, BC), Miami Minx (Montreal), Apollo Vidra (Seattle), and Ernie Von Schmaltz (Seattle)!

Various locations

Seattle, WA

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