365 Recreational Cannabis

17517 15th Ave NE (North City)
Shoreline, WA 98155
9 am–9 pm Sun-Thurs, 9 am–10 pm Fri–Sat

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Let us say that you are stranded in Shoreline, the northern kingdom that should be called Land of the Skyscraper Trees, with your extended family, which huddles in a house in the shadow of an evergreen every year. It is Thanksgiving morning and you are in need of a joint as big as the tree. There is very good news. When it is a holiday—any holiday—you can get yourself a "giga joint," or a half ounce of weed pre-rolled for your fatty convenience, at 365 Recreational Cannabis on 15th Avenue Northeast. That is the meaning of "365." And stuff is on sale on the holidays.

An employee told me: "Every holiday are these extravagant sales that even as employees we're like 'Really?'"

The person who told me this recently at the store was wearing a Dory the fish costume where her face was the fish mouth. Metallica was playing over the speakers. It was a few days before Halloween (hence Dory, though every Friday is casual Friday, when the workers don't have to wear the usual uniforms), and the holiday sales had already begun. One of those sales was the giga joint, going for $60, 40 percent lower than the regular price. Considering that 365 has a good price on a full ounce at $150, this half-ounce giga-experience for $60 seemed more than festive. Every day there are also early bird (9 to 10 am) and happy hour (3 to 4 pm) specials, when you can buy one thing and get another at 25 percent off. This store is medically endorsed, so they make the state-issued cards here. And it should not go without saying that this is the place to go if you would like to find a glass pipe whose business end is the head of South Park's Butters. JEN GRAVES
9 am–9 pm Sun-Thurs, 9 am–10 pm Fri–Sat

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