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All Restaurants with Delivery and Takeout near Rainier Valley, Columbia City, Beacon Hill, Mount Baker and Hillman City
Black-Owned Restaurants Recommended Weed Grocery & Provisions Takeout Delivery Curbside Pickup Walk-Up Ordering Beer/Wine/Booze
Showing locations near 98101


Heyday brings a much-needed family-friendly restaurant serving solid comfort food to the Mount Baker neighborhood. Owned in part by Gary Snyder (whose Geraldin…
1372 31st Ave S
Mount Baker


With Chef Toshiyuki Kawai at the helm, Iconiq (iconic + unique) meshes together French cooking techniques with Japanese flavors and ingredients. The resulting …
1421 31st Ave S
Mount Baker
1425 31st Ave S
Mount Baker

QED Coffee

The coffee served out of this math-inspired micro-roaster cafe is robust with nutty, caramel, and cocoa notes, and the name comes from the Latin phrase "quod e…
1418 31st Ave S
Mount Baker
3219 Martin Luther King Jr Way S
Rainier Valley

Little Chengdu

This noodle house specializes in Chongqing noodles and other Szechuan-style small plates.
2815 S Hanford St
Rainier Valley
(206) 760-9263


Though the local pizza chain boasts four locations, the one you want to go to is the original spot, about a half mile up from the Mount Baker light rail statio…
3601 S McClellan St
Mount Baker
3621 33rd Ave S, Ste C5 and C6
Mount Baker

Emerald City Fish and Chips

The Allen brothers are local (they went to Garfield—go Bulldogs!), with New Orleans heritage, and they run this fish 'n' chips place on Rainier. It's order-at-…
3756 Rainier Ave S
Mount Baker
4225 Rainier Ave South
Columbia City

Breezy Town Pizza

As you might guess from the name, Breezy Town Pizza, housed within new bar and music venue the Clock-Out Lounge, is a tongue-in-cheek spin-off of the popular C…
4864 Beacon Ave. S
Beacon Hill

Bana Ethiopian and Eritrean Restaurant

"This is beyond a doubt the best Ethiopian food I've ever had," reads one of many positive Yelp reviews. The spot boasts shareable meat and veggie combos, chic…
4423 Rainier Ave S
Columbia City

Ezell's Famous Chicken

What might be the best fried chicken in the country, sold over-the-counter (and on wheels). Oprah has it FedExed directly to her mouth. Also: dinner rolls so g…
4436 Rainier Ave S
Rainier Valley

La Medusa

La Medusa's authentic "Sicilian soul food," made with lots of local/seasonal ingredients, makes it an upmarket Columbia City favorite.
4857 Rainier Ave S
Rainier Valley

Island Soul Restaurant

Owner Theo Martin has created a space that is as much a community gathering spot as it is a restaurant. But make no mistake, the people come hungry for the Car…
4869 Rainier Ave S
Rainier Valley

Geraldine's Counter

Geraldine's serves "Seattle's Best Breakfast" and comfort food lunches.
4872 Rainier Ave S
Rainier Valley

Rookies Sports Bar and Grill

Our friend Jill who lives in Columbia City says this sports bar is really well-designed, with "big booths! Kids in restaurant area, but separate bar area! Supe…
3820 S Ferdinand St
Rainier Valley

Coffeeholic House

According to a press release, a new Vietnamese fusion coffee shop called Coffeeholic House is slated to open in Columbia City on February 22. The Vietnamese-Am…
3700 S Hudson Street
Rainier Valley

Taproot Cafe & Bar

Tiana Garret's restaurant serves juices, cocktails, and smoothies, plus sandwiches and gluten free foods.
4908 Rainier Ave S
Rainier Valley

Super Six

Super Six serves up the same Hawaiian- and Asian-influenced food (think kalbi beef, kalua pork, and kimchi fried rice) that has helped owners Kamala Saxton and…
3714 S Hudson St
Rainier Valley