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All locations with Billiards near Seattle
Black-Owned Restaurants Recommended Weed Grocery & Provisions Takeout Delivery Curbside Pickup Walk-Up Ordering Beer/Wine/Booze
Showing locations near 98101

The Eagle

The venerable Eagle is a dark, divey gay bar with stiff drinks, shadowy corners, and a big deck out back.
314 E Pike St
Capitol Hill

Polar Bar

Located in the lobby of the new Arctic Club Hotel, the Polar Bar is a tribute to stolid poshness that resides at the border of gratifying comfort and eternal b…
700 Third Ave
Central Business District

R Place

For centuries, R Place was where fratty A&F-ers went to pose with beer and dartboards. Now it's a tri-story dance emporium ruled by bonsai eyebrows and thrusti…
619 E Pine St
Capitol Hill


Come to Garage for bowling and billiards (cheap during the daily happy hour) in a pretty, late 1920s setting with unusual and above-average pub food that inclu…
1130 Broadway
Capitol Hill

Linda's Tavern

Under the baleful watch of a taxidermied buffalo, Capitol Hill has hung out at Western-themed Linda's with shots and pitchers of beer for two-plus decades now,…
707 E Pine St
Capitol Hill

Blarney Stone

This downtown Irish hangout serves typical pub grub, but their sidewalk seating is a good spot for a perfectly poured Guinness on a warm evening. The happy hou…
1416 First Ave
Downtown Seattle

Owl N' Thistle Irish Pub

The Owl N’ Thistle is a dark and cozy, family-owned Irish pub with lovely brick walls, antique multipane windows, and shelves filled with elegant-looking books…
808 Post Ave
Central Business District

The Elite

The Elite's an airy, wholesome gay bar where everyone's welcome and most everyone is really funny. The motto: "Enter as Strangers, Leave as Friends" (after tha…
1520 E Olive Way
Capitol Hill

The Chieftain

The Chieftain is another Irish-themed pub from the couple who own Finn MacCool's in the U-District and McGilvra's in Madison Park. The name is not about neighb…
908 12th Ave
Central District

Pioneer Square Saloon

An old-fashioned-looking saloon. It isn't "sceney," but it still draws in a crowd that likes to party. A nice alternative to the sometimes overdramatic P-Squar…
73 Yesler Way
Pioneer Square
(206) 628-6444

Jupiter Bar

Jeff Robertson and Joey Nix's artsy Belltown bar has games (including pinball), baked sandwiches, and a gallery.
2126 Second Ave, Suite A

C. C. Attle's

Every bear's favorite bar—known for drinks strong enough to put hair on your chest—is back and probably better than ever in the former home of Cafe Metropoli…
1701 E Olive Way
Capitol Hill

Madison Pub

Madison Pub is a remarkably popular little watering hole, and its patrons are quite loyal. It is rumored to be the friendliest and least stressful gay bar on a…
1315 E Madison St
Central District
(206) 325-6537

Cuff Complex

The Cuff is known for leather, but the dance floor brings in a decidedly less leathery crowd. The Cuff is ginormous: a twilight world with four bars, a few sec…
1533 13th Ave
Capitol Hill


Diesel has “bears, bikers, bubbas, buddies, and bad-ass bartenders.”
1413 14th Ave
Central District

Temple Billiards

Pool is the point, but Temple Billiards also has a standard-issue bar menu and a long, long happy hour (daily, 4 to 8 pm).
126 S Jackson St
Pioneer Square

Joe's Bar & Grill

The Red Front Tavern is awesome if you are in this kind of mood: Adventurous, curious and a little bit stinky. The bar smells like people have been spilling …
500 S King St

Cowgirls Inc.

Cowgirls Inc. has a mechanical bull, but it's not really a country bar. The jukebox often blares rock standards, and normal everyday dudes populate the bar. Th…
421 First Ave S
Pioneer Square

Victory Lounge

The Victory is (shockingly) a fine replacement for the longtime beloved dive the Lobo, with strong drinks, live shows (sometimes GLORIOUSLY LOUD), lots of hot …
433 Eastlake Ave E
South Lake Union

Summit Public House

The Summit is a superlative neighborhood spot, like a pleasant cave that happens to have 22 beers on tap. Soccer and bicycle racing take precedence on the TVs,…
601 Summit Ave E #102
Capitol Hill