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All Weed Locations with Takeout near Seattle
Black-Owned Restaurants Recommended Weed Grocery & Provisions Takeout Delivery Curbside Pickup Walk-Up Ordering Beer/Wine/Booze
Showing locations near 98101

Canna West Seattle

In this article written before Canna West opened, Maryam Mirnateghi spoke about her vision of the place: "It's going to be clean and classy, but it's not going…
5440 California Ave SW
Fairmount Park

Have a Heart Greenwood

Have a Heart kind of looks like an auto repair shop from the outside, thanks to its green-and-white-checkered building. Once you're inside, though, it's a diff…
300 NW 85th St
9724 Aurora Ave North
Licton Springs

Ocean Greens

Ocean Greens feels like an old-school cocktail bar, thanks to its dark wood countertops. But rather than sipping on manhattans while chatting with a curt barte…
9724 Aurora Ave N
Licton Springs

Bud Nation

Bud Nation is in an unassuming brick-fronted building right in the heart of White Center's 16th Avenue strip. The high-ceilinged space has a glass shop on one …
9640 16th Ave SW

Lux (formerly Stash) Pot Shop

Lux's second location in Lake City (the original is in Ballard), framed with purple neon lights around the exterior, looks more like one of those nondescript s…
10333 Lake City Way NE
North Seattle
315 N 105th St

Uncle Ike's White Center

One of Seattle's most recognizable names in pot, Uncle Ike's has a branch in southwest Seattle. Unusually, they take cards for purchases between $25 and $150.
9822 15th Ave SW
9823 15th Ave SW #D

Herbn Elements

Herbn wants to avoid the bouncers, faded windows, and slightly sketchy feel of other stores along the Aurora/Lake City corridor with a quiet retreat from Lake …
11013 Lake City Way NE
North Seattle

West Seattle Marijuana Store

The West Seattle Marijuana Store is located along a busy street in the middle of a bunch of mechanic shops that look like they're in various states of out-of-b…
10825 Myers Way S


As the very first cannabis store to open on the Eastside (they've been there since 2014), Green-Theory has an excellent downtown Bellevue location. Bonus: It's…
1940 124th Ave NE, Suite A-101

Fweedom Cannabis

Stepping inside of Fweedom Cannabis feels confusing at first: Where's the store, dude? The wraparound beige couch, fish tank, and scattered magazines on a coff…
12001 Aurora Ave N
Bitter Lake

Seattle Tonics

It's hard to not see the giant 21+ MARIJUANA sign beckoning you from the highway into Seattle Tonics. This sign makes it easy to miss the RAD mural of Jimi Hen…
12059 Aurora Ave N
Bitter Lake

Dockside Shoreline

If you're looking to find some great eats along with your bud, cannabis boutique Dockside is the place to go. The store is nestled in a strip mall along with a…
15029 Aurora Ave N
Westminster Triangle
12833 Martin Luther King Jr. Way S

Clutch Cannabis

Clutch Cannabis is located across the street from the Renton Municipal Airport, a stone's throw from the red, purple, and gold tails of Southwest Airlines plan…
11537 Rainier Ave S

A Greener Today Shoreline

10 percent off daily for all shoppers who make their purchases before 11 a.m.
16053 Aurora Ave N
Highland Terrace


As the very first cannabis store to open on the Eastside (they've been there since 2014), Green-Theory has an excellent downtown Bellevue location. Bonus: It's…
12827 SE 40th Pl
West Lake Sammamish
409 Rainier Ave N