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Capitol Hill's friendly Japanese restaurant that offers up crave-worthy comfort food and tasting menus is closed, but chef Shota Nakajima's new late-night bar Taku is, thankfully, now open as of two weeks ago. You can order the spot's specialty, kushikatshu (Japanese deep-fried meat and vegetables on skewers), for pickup online, though you'll have to wait until they reopen for real to check out their "Fuckit Bucket," a bowl of kushikatsu skewers served over rice.
1449 E Pine St (Capitol Hill)
Seattle, WA 98122
Nestled on East Pine in Capitol Hill, Adana is a comfortable, friendly Japanese restaurant that offers up crave-worthy comfort food like pork meatballs, yakisoba and duck cracklings. Also of note are the Yuzu-based cocktails, such as the Adana 75. Don't miss the 3-course tasting menu (which lets you custom-design your meal), available in the main dining area seven days per week.

Make reservations for Adana here.
Daily 5 pm-12 am

Upcoming Events at Adana

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