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Agua Verde Cafe and Paddle Club


This business has special options available during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Outdoor Dining
  • Pre-Mixed Cocktails
  • Takeout
  • Delivery
  • Cocktail Kits
Phase 1.5 Updates: "Don't let rainy days bring you down! Tomorrow [June 10] we will be opening our covered patio & outdoor seatings for all to enjoy ♥️ Takeout window hours stay the same from 9am- 9pm! ★Our Dine in hours will be 11am-9pm and we will start on a first come first serve basis. Once we reach our capacity @resy our wait-list app will be active #aguaverdecafe ★Picking up food by boat? On sunny days our #marinacantina & boat pickup location will be open!"
1303 NE Boat St (Northeast Seattle)
Seattle, WA 98105
Begin by paddling away from the Agua Verde Paddle Club with someone you like. Proceed in tandem to marvel at the water, at the Montlake Bridge as seen from beneath, at the flora and birdlife of the Arboretum, at the beauty of our fair city, and at the richness of life itself. Upon paddling back, toast each other and it all with Agua Verde’s margaritas whilst enjoying ridiculously yummy Mexican food. You can also lounge on a new patio called Marina Cantina, open from May to October, with seating for 60, cocktails created by Rumba, and a cheerful orange food truck.

Upcoming Events at Agua Verde Cafe and Paddle Club

We couldn't find any upcoming events at this location.