Bananas Grill


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4556 Martin Luther King Jr Way S (Rainier Vista)
Seattle, WA 98108
Daily 10 am-9 pm
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The bad news is the Link’s Columbia City Station needs more restaurants. The good news is that the two located next to it don’t suck. One of these, Bananas Grill, is a family-owned Halal restaurant. What you must understand is that the food here is made to reward an extreme hunger. Sure, the lentil soup and sambosas have moments of greatness, but if you have a pressing desire to eat, and you do not want it to be disappointed (there is nothing worse than a wasted hunger), then go to Bananas Grill. Here, the US, the Middle East, and Eastern Africa peacefully coexist on the menu. CHARLES MUDEDE
Daily 10 am-9 pm

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