Cafe Nordo

109 S Main St (Pioneer Square)
Seattle, WA 98104

COVID-19 Services & Policies

Face Masks
Cocktail Kits
"Savor your memories of Nordo with our wine delivery service. Our trusted wine curator Tom Hajduk has pulled the best bottles from deep within the Culinarium cellars for a quaff during quarantine. You can be sure that there will be varietal variety in each bag and that your order will be delivered* promptly (within 48 hours of purchase) in a Nordo tote bag for you to keep."
Upcoming Events
The Culinarium serves as the "crossroads between the culinary and performing arts." Chef Nordo serves up some delicious modern foods. Programs include live cabaret, Pressure Cooker (showcasing upcoming local live entertainment talent), and two Main Stage shows a year.

On Demand Events at Cafe Nordo

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Upcoming Scheduled Events at Cafe Nordo

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