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Coyle's Bakeshop


This business has special options available during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Preorders
For Easter, Rachel Coyle opened her previously closed Greenwood bakery for a limited takeout menu of pre-order items, including hot cross buns and bake-at-home scones. Following the sell-out success of that weekend, she's now established a pattern of opening the shop for a few hours on Saturdays for customers to pick up preorders of items like scones, croissants, bread, quiche, sourdough starter, and a few whole cakes. Menus go live on Facebook and Instagram at noon on Wednesdays, and pickup is usually from 10 am-2 pm on Saturdays.
8300 Greenwood Ave N (Greenwood)
Seattle, WA 98103
Pastry maniac Rachael Coyle—you may remember her wildly popular pop-up bakeshop at the Book Larder in Fremont—bakes her goods with expertise she gained while working at Cafe Presse, Le Pichet, and the Herbfarm, and this is her very own spot. Yay!
Daily 7 am-4 pm

Upcoming Events at Coyle's Bakeshop

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