Espresso Vivace

532 Broadway Ave E (Yesler Terrace)
Seattle, WA 98102
(206) 860-5869
Daily 6 am-11 pm

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Shop roasted and unroasted coffee, Vivace-branded porcelain coffee cups, travel mugs, and more online. You can also buy the 2013 edition of the book that made Vivace famous, or join the Single Origin Club to get different single origin coffees shipped to you each week.
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Espresso Vivace and its founder, David Schomer, changed the way Americans drink espresso. Schomer opened Vivace in 1988 and then published a coffee manifesto in 1995, Espresso Coffee: Professional Techniques, that introduced the world to a range of coffee styles and skills, including the practice of latte art. Have you seen baristas putting flowery swirls and heart shapes into your latte? Schomer is the reason this practice has become standard for baristas across the country. His book has been translated into four languages and is now in its fourth printing. And the espresso at Vivace is as good as ever. LESTER BLACK
Daily 6 am-11 pm

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