Falafel King

1509 First Ave (Pike Place Market)
Seattle, Washington 98101
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Sometimes the best, quickest, and cheapest bites are hidden in plain sight. One Friday evening, I had 45 minutes before I needed to be present and fed at Benaroya Hall. I was starving, and the shops in Pike Place Market had already closed down for the day. Enter: the $5 falafel sandwich at Falafel King, a walk-up restaurant just north of Pike Place Market. Incredible falafel—light and crunchy with a meaningful kick of heat and herbs. A micro-patio outside challenges you to eat the somewhat messy sandwich in full view of passersby, but so long as you take small bites you should be okay—and even relaxed—as you watch tourists and commuters walk by in their funny little hurries. RICH SMITH

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