Herbn Elements

11013 Lake City Way NE (North Seattle)
Seattle, WA 98125
daily 8 am–11:45 pm

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Herbn wants to avoid the bouncers, faded windows, and slightly sketchy feel of other stores along the Aurora/Lake City corridor with a quiet retreat from Lake City traffic that accommodates both medical and retail customers.

"We see ourselves as a bellwether of the industry that typifies what recreational retail should be," says Jamie McNatt, assistant manager. "So we want to make our store feel just like any other retail outfit that somebody would walk into."

Indeed, their welcoming, inviting atmosphere, with colorful mosaic pillars, natural light, and even an acoustic ceiling designed to minimize reverb, is meant to appeal to both newbies and seasoned cannabis veterans alike.

Although geared toward recreational users, Herb(n) also seeks a patient client base by always having a certified medical marijuana consultant on the premises. They're also starting to issue laminated medical marijuana cards if you bring in your cannabis recommendation.

Along with classic flower, dabs, edibles, and extracts, Herb(n) has an ever-expanding stash of CBD and combined THC/CBD products like capsules, tinctures, and accessories.

They've got a sales special every weekend along with "value eighths" and "dimes of the day," as well as a Reefer Rewards digital punch-card system (because you'll lose that card, you stoner) that offers 20 percent off every 10th visit. AMBER CORTES

Every day from 8 to 11 a.m., with 15 percent off all cannabis products (some exclusions apply).
daily 8 am–11:45 pm

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