Hopvine Pub

507 15th Ave E (Capitol Hill)
Seattle, WA 98112
Daily 11:30 am-close

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Outdoor Dining
Mon-Sat, 1pm-8pm
Every Thursday, the pub offers a full BBQ dinner for one for $19.95, or $34.95 for two. 10% off growler fills.
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The Hopvine is a nice, low-key neighborhood place for the hale, Northwesty set, with a good selection of microbrews, and the soups are treasured. Special soups change with the season, and longtime chef Michael Congdon also toggles between two habit-forming standbys, which he creates in 200-gallon batches that last about three months. There's the creamy Southwestern pumpkin, which pairs sweet with spicy (cinnamon and cumin, chili powder and maple syrup). And there's the roasted garlic, containing white wine, cream, and loads of crushed herbs, with homemade croutons and cheese for heartiness. People go apeshit for the Hopvine's soups—Congdon says they've asked if they can get them intravenously.

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Wed, Nov 25

Capitol Hill
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