Jack's BBQ

228 Ninth Ave N (South Lake Union)
Seattle, WA 98109

COVID-19 Services & Policies

Gift Cards
"Both the SLU and SoDo locations are offering takeout and delivery while the Columbia Tower location is still open for takeout. In addition, Jack's is offering a free appetizer or dessert to anyone that purchases a gift card now and dines in at a later date. Orders for takeout, delivery and gift cards can be placed on the Jack's BBQ website. Curbside pickup is also available."
Upcoming Events
Jack's BBQ, the barbecue joint owned by former Microsoft employee and barbecue nerd Jack Timmons (who's spent time at the BBQ Summer Camp at the Meat Sciences department of Texas A&M and paid his respects at Louis Mueller's, Snow's, Cooper's, and other legendary Central Texas barbecue names), has opened a location in the 9th and Thomas building.

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