Local 360

2234 First Ave (Belltown)
Seattle, WA 98121
Mon-Fri 9 am-late, Sat-Sun 9 am-late
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Local 360’s interior conjures up a union dining-and-drinking hall, but the name refers to the fact that almost everything served comes from within a 360-mile radius. It’s not a new idea, but the bar program—local wines and liquors—is unique, and the food is good. The menu consists of diner standards and upscale comfort food, with the most high-concept entrée being the fried chicken, which is a chicken-and-bacon-mousse roulade on top of cheesy grits and collard greens, all topped with a sunny-side-up egg. You might also find a heart attack of a Cobb salad, or your new favorite biscuits and gravy.

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