1600 Post Alley (Pike Place Market)
Seattle, WA 98101

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Like Mistral and Lampreia before it (which became Mistral Kitchen and Bisato, respectively), Seattle's posh Campagne went down-market in 2011, becoming Marché (not to be confused with Greg Atkinson’s Restaurant Marché on Bainbridge, though it certainly is confusing). The interior is darker, with more angles, less cushioning, and more energy; there are lightbulbs with good-looking filaments, the tap handles are antique doorknobs, and dish towels function as napkins. The revamped wine selection is great (and affordable); the Puget Sound view and courtyard are still splendid, and chef Daisley Gordon's less-rarified French menu still features the local and seasonal. And while service and food were sometimes less-than-amazing in Marché's early days, it is likely to become as bulletproof a choice for a bistro supper as Campagne was for fancy-pants dining.

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