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This business has special options available during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Outdoor Dining
  • Takeout
Coronavirus Updates: "To make it easier to order(and personal!), please text your order (dishes, quantities, name, pick up time) to Revel 425-381-7664. To make it easier to pick up, please choose your pick up time between 5pm and 7pm. We will send confirmation text right away with an option to pay using venmo. (We are working on online ordering. Thank you for understanding!) The pick up will be at Revel at the corner of Phinney and 36th St. Please place an order by 4pm!" See the menu here. here." target="_blank">See more details here.
403 N 36th St (Fremont)
Seattle, WA 98103
Husband-and-wife team Rachel Yang and Seif Chirchi of Wallingford's awesome Joule brings you "Urban. Comfort. Asian. Street Food," e.g., pork belly pancakes, chorizo dumplings, and short ribs with daikon. At brunch, among other things: Korean hangover soup. Tested against an unmedicated hangover formed over the course of several days and one very sorrowful event, this soup was as efficacious as one could hope. Its broth was so dark and deep as to be opaque, with an ideal level of sodium; its kale held out the possibility of redemption; its house-made blood pudding provided protein in a tasty, fortifying, mild format; its rice soothed. It cost $13, which, yes, is a lot, but each ingredient bespoke its high quality and its healthfulness, while summarily besting all grease-based remedies. It caused a headache to recede and laid a superlative foundation for three ibuprofen and a nap. Only time heals a hangover—same with sorrow—but soup can help.
Lunch: Mon-Fri 11 am-2 pm; Brunch: Sat-Sun 10 am-2 pm; Dinner: daily 5 pm-10 pm, bar 4 pm-close

Upcoming Events at Revel

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