Satori MJ - Fremont

316 N 36th St (Fremont)
Seattle, WA 98103
8 am–11:45 pm daily

COVID-19 Services & Policies

Walk-up Ordering
Preordered Pickup
Online Ordering
Call-ahead Ordering
Offering 10% off preorders over $25. See daily specials here.

Pickup Policy: "You can place an order at any time before opening or during business hours; orders not picked up same day/by closing are voided. We do not allow more then 5 customers inside the store at once, or no more than one customer per budtender at a time. We require customers and staff to do their best to stay 6 ft or more apart. We hired extra staff to clean the store on an hourly basis. We prefer if you pre-order online and or call the shop to order and ask any questions you may have. We will soon launch a 'text a budtender' option on our website to help respond to customer questions when they do not want to spend extra time in the store. The option to text a budtender will be available from the dispensary store page."

Pickup Process Features: Designated six-feet-apart waiting spots; hand sanitizer at checkout

Employee PPE Policies: Masks and gloves are required and provided while on the sales floor and while handling product.
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