Seattle Deli

225 12th Ave S (Yesler Terrace)
Seattle, WA 98144
Daily 7 am-7 pm
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(Christine V./Yelp)
Do you want a delicious sandwich for $3.25? Of course you do. Will you get it anywhere outside of Little Saigon? Not likely. Twelfth and Jackson neighbors Seattle Deli and Saigon Deli operate on the same essential business model—dirt-cheap Vietnamese delights to go—but every Seattleite has an opinion about which is better. Well, except this one. My personal feeling is that if you can make a sandwich not only palatable but actually good for less than $4, that’s all that really matters. Both places have vegetarian, chicken, and pork options, and both do the spicy, zesty banh mi thing quite well. For the economically minded picnicker, there is no better option in the city. Oh, and did I mention they have $1 egg rolls to tide you over while you wait? TOBIAS COUGHLIN-BOGUE
Daily 7 am-7 pm

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