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Seattle Public Libraries

This business has special options available during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Starting Thursday, April 23, all Seattle Public Library locations will open their restrooms for insecurely housed folks to use. Other regular services will remain closed for the time being.

"Starting on Tuesday, May 19, students, teachers and select staff for grades K-12 at Seattle Public Schools will have immediate access to The Seattle Public Library's collection of digital books and online resources through the Library Link program. They do not need a Library card; instead, they use their student or staff ID number to get access. Students, staff and families can learn more at"
(Central Business District)
Seattle, WA
The Seattle Public Library hosts a dizzying number of events at branches across the city, and every single one of them is absolutely free. They’ll help you figure out your new computer, do your taxes, learn a new language, play board games, discuss books, hear from authors, listen to concerts, watch movies, become a US citizen, entertain your children, take advantage of government programs, experiment with 3D printers, and much more. Of particular note is their Seattle Writes program: free workshops and classes with accomplished local writing teachers as well as a Hugo House writing circle with local authors. They also have book clubs and reading groups aimed at a truly wide variety of specific audiences, from low-vision readers to babies. They also host programs in languages including Chinese, Vietnamese, Somali, and Spanish. And a few times a year, they offer the Seattle community the chance to attend free talks by famous touring authors. Even if there’s nothing up your alley in their schedule, the Central Library (downtown) is a bizarre and famous piece of architecture by Rem Koolhaas—you could easily spend hours exploring the building both inside and out. (JULIA RABAN)

Upcoming Events at Seattle Public Libraries

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