The Pantry

1417 NW 70th St (Ballard)
Seattle, WA 98117
(206) 436-1064

COVID-19 Services & Policies

Special Menu
Offerings: While the cooking school has had to put a hold on their regular offerings, they've transformed their most popular classes into takeout "pop-ups," with featured family-style menus for two people prepared by the Pantry's chefs and instructors—no cooking required! Remaining menus for April include a Greek Islands spotlight, a backyard picnic, and comfort food of the South Indian, Mexican, and contemporary varieties. You can also add on wine.

Availability: Pickup available daily from 5-7 pm

Preorder info: Pop-ups are available to reserve through April 30

The Pantry's cooking classes are back in virtual form for $60 a pop. Choose from current offerings like "Cooking with Kids: Asian Dumplings" taught by Renée Beaudoin (May 30), a rundown of Spanish-style paella (May 31), and more.
Upcoming Events
A community kitchen in Ballard with extremely popular cooking classes and field trips.

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