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Whisky Bar

2122 Second Ave (Belltown)
Seattle, WA 98121
Upcoming Events
The Whisky Bar has relocated to where Splash Lounge—and before that, V-Bar Noodle Bar & Lounge—failed to thrive, (and where, sigh, Saito's sushi was for so long). It's nicer than it used to be, but whether that's a good thing or not is open to debate. BETHANY JEAN CLEMENT AND TOBIAS COUGHLIN-BOGUE

Upcoming Events at Whisky Bar

Mon, Aug 10

Mon, Aug 17

Mon, Aug 24

Mon, Aug 31

Mon, Sep 07

Mon, Sep 14

Mon, Sep 21

Mon, Sep 28

Mon, Oct 05

Mon, Oct 12

Mon, Oct 19

Mon, Oct 26

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Mon, Nov 23

Mon, Nov 30

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