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Saturday Night Live

One of America's greatest pastimes is complaining about how Saturday Night Live sucks now, and it'll never be as good as it was five-or-six-years prior. Five-or-six years ago they were saying the same thing, same as it was five-or-six years before that, etc. It's almost like the show is only consistent in how inconsistent it is, and all you can really count on is that every year features a handful of hilarious sketches and standout performers that deserve all the attention they get. Only now, here in the future, you can just wait for the gold to show up on YouTube instead of having to sit through it all in real-time and getting increasingly frustrated that you can't mash Colin Jost in his giant, oh-so-punchable face

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Bill Murray, Chris Rock, Dan Aykroyd, Eddie Murphy, Chris Farley, Gilda Radner