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Schitt's Creek

Like Battlestar Galactica before it, Schitt's Creek is a show whose title has always been one of its biggest stumbling blocks—trying to convince friends an endearing, progressive, and honestly lovely sitcom that needs to be seen is called "shit's creek" makes said endearing, progressive, and honestly lovely sitcom kind of hard to buy into. That first season doesn't help much either, often playing down to the easy joke of its title and coming off like a lite-rock Arrested Development. But hey: Books, covers, judging... cliches like that exist for just this reason: Schitt's Creek is well worth the binge, and while its final season still isn't streamable yet, there's not too many other shows that will make you feel as good as this show frequently does.

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Chris Elliott, Catherine O'Hara, Eugene Levy, Annie Murphy, Dan Levy