The Virgin Suicides

It's difficult to think about The Virgin Suicides without considering the French band Air. The band's sexy, chilled-out, down-tempo score to Virgin Suicides is arguably the best part of the film. Often appearing when tragedy occurs, the spacey, solemn music estranges the viewer from the film's violence. When a little girl is dramatically impaled early on, Air kicks in with its moodiness, softly protecting viewers from the gore. It's music for dysphoria. My partner describes the score as feeling like an antidepressant. Also of note: The Virgin Suicide's sound design. As the film's gang of boys flips through the pages of the girls' diaries, trying to learn more about them after their suicides, the rustling of the pages seems to thunder. It's like ASMR for books. I've always loved this detail. It's as if the girls' words are literally heavy. And maybe they are.

by Chase Burns
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Sofia Coppola
Kirsten Dunst, James Woods, Kathleen Turner