Tombs of the Blind Dead

The Beacon kicks off its month of apocalyptic zombie movies with this Portuguese gorefest about undead Knights Templar unleashed upon some unsuspecting college kids. It doesn't look, well, good exactly, but it should be lots of fun for lovers of '70s schlock. Here's the Beacon's spin: "Made in the last days of the Francoist dictatorship, Amando de Ossorio's Blind Dead series necessarily evokes the fear of fascism's resurgence, even as it died. Enough time has passed since that we realize the collapse of fascist regimes in the 20th century was not in any way final. They return. Ossorio's blind, skeletal templars are both some of horror's most haunting screen monsters and a striking metaphor for a fascist-religious power alliance that is depressingly familiar."

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Amando de Ossorio
Lone Fleming, César Burner