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Eyes Wide Shut

It was Borges who wrote that every word implies the entire universe. For Eyes Wide Shut, this one word happens to be "fuck." At the moment of a fuck, what personal and psychological luggage does each lover bring, construct, and disperse with the release of the orgasm? What is the game, the arrangement (passive, aggressive) of that moment? What is he thinking? What is she thinking? Having smoked pot, we begin our journey through these impossible questions, and the necessary crack happens when the stoned wife (Nicole Kidman) informs the stoned doctor (Tom Cruise) that she would have left him and everything they represent for one night with a navy officer she saw at a seaside resort some years before. Upon hearing this, the doctor loses all sense of ground, and everything breaks apart. We then see him leave home and drift around the streets, picturing the impossible: his wife fucking this naval officer to the end of the world.

by Charles Mudede
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Stanley Kubrick
Tom Cruise, Sydney Pollack, Nicole Kidman