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Purple Rain

Celebrate the life of Prince in Purple Rain—the film that gave Dan Savage his last wet dream. Prince's first film is a love story about a young man who risks it all to become a rock star. About this movie, former Stranger writer Angela Garbes wrote: "Prince made me feel weird, mostly because he reminded me of God. My brothers and I watched silently in our den—enraptured and confused—until my mother walked in at the exact moment Apollonia peeled off her leather jacket to reveal her beautiful bare breasts. The movie was abruptly shut off, though soon after I found a way to watch it and became forever enthralled by Prince's music, body, and movements. Prince was, in fact, a sexy MF. But there was always something transcendent and divine about his eroticism. He taught me sex wasn't filthy. At its best, it's generous and holy."
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Albert Magnoli
Prince, Apollonia Kotero, Morris Day