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Valentine's Day

Maybe the easiest (though not the cheapest) way to make a decent romantic comedy is through sheer quantity. Jessica Alba, Kathy Bates, Jessica Biel, Bradley Cooper, Patrick Dempsey, Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Garner, Anne Hathaway, Ashton Kutcher, Queen Latifah, and Taylor Lautner are just some of the stars in the exhaustingly big ensemble cast of Valentine’s Day. Touching on multiple generations and scenarios, this film is like a mash-up of at least six different movies, and its interconnected characters aren’t on screen long enough to get annoyed with them. Sure, the something-for-everyone feel-good strategy is transparent, and not every joke works, but there are honestly funny moments and effective tearjerkers, too. If you’re going to indulge/withstand one corny Hollywood romcom, you’ll come through this one unscathed. by Marjorie Skinner
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Garry Marshall
Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba, Kathy Bates