Greg Dulli

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Sat Aug 1, 6 pm
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$12 - $30
Over the past few years, the literary world has praised unlikeable narrators—wholly unsavory, first-person storytellers—and the strange joys that come from entering the mind of someone you would avoid in real life. If we extend this praise to modern music, Greg Dulli—songwriter for the Afghan Whigs and the Twilight Singers—is, almost without contest, the most developed of all unlikeable narrators. With a fuzzy line between fiction and hyperbolic memoir, Dulli has, for nearly three decades, built a perpetually compelling, tortured egomaniac: a human animal stuck somewhere between feeling too intensely for his own good and not feeling anything at all. Dulli's catalog extends from foreboding rock to pseudo-funk and electro-pop, but his narrator barely wavers. With a handful of obvious exceptions, it's largely one character working through the same demons over and over. It's not always pleasant to listen to, and enjoying it doesn't typically make you feel very good about yourself, but it's always interesting.



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This is an online event