Sylvan Esso

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Tue Nov 17, 6 - 9 pm
This is an online event · Wonder Ballroom
Former Stranger staffer Kim Selling wrote, "Every new generation of college kids needs at least one party album to rally behind. For my freshman year, it was M.I.A.’s Kala and Kanye West’s Graduation—for this year’s crop, it will be Sylvan Esso’s What Now. Their electrified, multilayered pop is clever, bright, and fully hitched to dance as a primary activity in a way that feels much like two-dimensional worship. Preaching a lifestyle adjacent to “the power of dance heals all” is a little #LoveWins for my taste, but Sylvan Esso manage to carry their music through these lyrical tropes with a strength of conviction that is truly impressive (and occasionally beguiling). And hey—who am I to shit on such an active joy?" Join the artist for an online concert courtesy of Wonder Ballroom. 

This is an online event

Wonder Ballroom