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Driftwood Room

729 SW 15th Ave. (Goose Hollow)
Portland, OR 97205
(Driftwood Room)
Nestled in the Hotel deLuxe, the Driftwood is small and barely lit, but with a mid-century charm that brings to mind cigarette cases and pocket squares (this being Portland though, there will always be some oaf in a Ducks shirt). If you're playing at being this type of grownup, you should have cocktails, and Driftwood specializes in champagne varieties, while also doing a nice line of Manhattans. Or you may want to try one of the spirit samplers with local gins or whiskeys ($14). If you need sustenance, a shared pan of the forest mushrooms is a must. And with a happy hour that only pauses between 6:30-9:30 pm, you can live the high life on a budget. MJ SKEGG
Mon-Thurs 2 pm-11:30 pm, Fri 2 pm-12:30 am, Sat 10 am-12:30 am, Sun 10 am-11:30 am

Upcoming Events at Driftwood Room

We couldn't find any upcoming events at this location.