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In light of coronavirus news and restrictions on gatherings put in place by Governor Brown, Portland movie theaters have closed until further notice. We know, we're sad too! While we all practice social distancing in order to help flatten the curve of the virus, we'd suggest checking out our calendar of upcoming livestreamed events. Stay safe out there!

Sleeping With Other People

Sleeping with Other People isn't technically a When Harry Met Sally remake—"slavish homage" might be more accurate—but it poses the same question, with a twist: Can two hot sex addicts who are super attracted to each other and have literally no external barriers to a relationship ever really be "just friends"? (Look, sometimes you have to torture a premise before it gives up the goods.) And Sleeping with Other People is pretty good. By "good," I mean "succeeds in making me feel emotionally invested in whether two hot people are going to make out." The gold standard of the romcom. by Alison Hallett
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Leslye Headland
Jason Sudeikis, Adam Scott, Alison Brie