The Top 42 Events in Portland This Week: May 6–12, 2024

Bryson Tiller, Hasan Minhaj, and More Top Picks
May 6, 2024
Trap/soul R&B star Bryson Tiller kicks off his latest tour in Portland this week.  (Bryson Tiller via Facebook)
Happy Monday! Start your week off right with our roundup of all the best things to do, from Bryson Tiller to Pearl Jam and from Hasan Minhaj to Becky Robinson. Still sorting out your Mother's Day plans? Check out our calendar for ideas.

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CSA Demystified Past Event List
If you've always wanted to participate in CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) but are a little bit daunted at the idea of receiving armfuls of chard and zucchini on a weekly basis, this free event is here to help demystify it and answer all your burning produce questions while you sip a glass of wine. Local farmers Katie (Sweet Annie's Farm) and Carol (Fox and Bear Urban Farm) will chat about what it's like to run a CSA program, and you'll learn about the benefits, how to get the most out of your box, how to meal plan and prep to avoid food waste, and how to choose an option that's right for you. JB
(Vivienne Culinary Books, Concordia)



Hasan Minhaj: Off With His Head Tour Past Event List
America could do with more Muslim comics and their under-acknowledged observations, especially if they’re as sharp-witted as Hasan Minhaj. His charming demeanor belies a deceptively acerbic humor, honed during his trenchant appearances on The Daily Show. Minhaj truly rose to the occasion at the 2017 White House Correspondents’ Dinner, where he delivered hundreds of punishing left jabs at right-wing politicians. It was a roast for the ages, and if it made the president’s blood pressure rise to dangerous levels, Minhaj deserves a Nobel Prize. His Netflix special Homecoming King proved he could conceive exceptionally moving personal comedy, too. STRANGER CONTRIBUTOR DAVE SEGAL
(Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, South Park Blocks)

Love, Shakespeare Past Event List
If Shakespeare's theatrical works are feeling a little "played" out—hey, he did write them over 400 years ago—don thy feathered cap and head to this fully improvised take on an Elizabethan comedy. The off-the-cuff version will skew the Bard's themes and imagery for a fresh production with a rotating cast. LC
(Portland Center Stage, Pearl District)


Wheel Of Fortune LIVE! Past Event List
Get ready to scream out the alphabet at this live production of Wheel of Fortune, where audience members will be randomly selected to spin the wheel on stage for cash and prizes. (Come on, you know you want to.) LC
(Roseland Theater, Old Town-Chinatown)


Andy Shauf Past Event List
How many shows do you sell out before you move to a bigger venue? I will not deny that it's going to be flippin' magical to hear Toronto singer-songwriter Andy Shauf within the lofty arches of the Old Church. But they started off with two shows (May 4 & May 5), added one on May 7, and now that's sold out too. As someone who has seen Shauf live several times, I'll say that within him are two Shaufs: One wants to play the album he just released flawlessly, faithful to the recorded tracks. The other wants to show off whatever new tracks about dire human moments he's currently crafting. We may be far enough from 2023's Norm—his easy-listening disco album about a god-obsessed stalker—that he'll lend us the latter. PORTLAND MERCURY ARTS AND CULTURE EDITOR SUZETTE SMITH
(The Old Church, Downtown)

Julia Holter Past Event List
If you're ISO an exploratory and uplifting time, California-hailing symphonic singer Julia Holter should help you shake something loose—she's a low-key baroque pop queen whose surreal music is widely hailed by critics. If you're into pop girlies, you'll like Julia. If you're more avant-garde, you'll like, Julia, too. Her dewy, harpsichord-filled 2015 track "Sea Calls Me Home" and its lilting chorus ("I can't swim! Its lucidity! So clear!") helped me glide through the last nine years—as I navigated the end of college, my first "real" writing jobs, and the pandemic, every listen was a swan dive, a rest on a chilly rock as I gazed at the sparkle of sunlight against ocean waves. Since the birth of her daughter and the death of a loved one, though, Holter's brand of dream pop has expanded to become more sensual and nocturnal. LC
(Aladdin Theater, Brooklyn)



Incite: Queer Writers Read Past Event List
Incite is a cool opportunity to increase your familiarity with Literary Arts's offerings before its relocation to a "permanent home" on SE Grand. The curated bimonthly reading series, which centers queer writers with a fresh, thought-provoking theme for each event, will return with featured readers Liz Asch, Aliya Bree Hall, and Sara Jaffe sharing long-lasting new works on a "legacy" theme. Vinnie Kinsella and Jennifer Perrine will host the affair. LC
(Literary Arts, West End)



Secret Aardvark Remind List
Over 30 of Portland's best improvisers will gather again for this who's who of Rose City comedy. Each Secret Aardvark event features an extra-special mystery guest (past guests have run the gamut from David Lynch to random high school theater students), and the show's so spicy that it's named after the organizers' fave local hot sauce, so it should warm your chilly bones. LC
(Kickstand Comedy, Ladd's Addition)


I Saw The TV Glow // SNEAK PEEKS Past Event List
Nonbinary filmmaker Jane Schoenbrun's first feature-length flick, We're All Going to the World's Fair, was a creepy foray into the world of online horror gaming, following one teenager's descent into an increasingly unsettling fantasy. It stirred up positive reviews at Sundance, and solidified Schoenbrun as a director to watch. Lo and behold, Schoenbrun landed an A24 flick with I Saw the TV Glow, which documents a teen's investigations into an eerie, supernatural TV show. Fans of online wormholes and creepypasta shouldn't miss it. LC
(Tomorrow Theater, Richmond)


Live Wire with Luke Burbank: Amanda Montell, Roger Reeves, Brian Lindstrom, and Meklit Past Event List
Live Wire's spring offerings will continue with another edition of the honest and funny conversational show hosted by Luke Burbank. This time around, featured guests will include Cultish: The Language of Fanaticism author Amanda Montell, whose new tome The Age of Magical Overthinking: Notes on Modern Irrationality points out societal examples of cognitive dissonance, plus poet and essayist Roger Reeves (one of my faves—drop what you're doing and read King Me if you haven't) and award-winning filmmaker Brian Lindstrom, the director of Lost Angel: The Genius of Judee Sill. Ethiopian American vocalist Meklit will deliver smooth, East African-inspired vocals. LC
(Alberta Rose Theatre, Concordia)



Pearl Jam Past Event List
The last time that Pearl Jam played a proper show in Portland was in 2013. The PNW heroes kicked off their national tour by turning the Moda Center into their playground, and by all accounts, the concert was fire with a 34-song setlist and the band firing on all cylinders. Now, the grunge icons are back to support their critically acclaimed new album, Dark Matter. In a press release, the band writes that the new album "channels the shared spirit of a group of lifelong creative confidants and brothers in one room playing as if their very lives depended on it." Don't miss an opening set from Seattle-based indie rock band Deep Sea Diver. AV
(Moda Center, Lloyd District)

The Stinkfoot Orchestra: Frank Zappa Tribute with Ray White Past Event List
Fifteen-piece rock ensemble Stinkfoot Orchestra will perform songs from Frank Zappa's prolific career with help from guitarist and vocalist Ray White, who was brought into Zappa's touring band in 1976. No Zappa-inspired concert would be complete without some wacky stage antics, so it's only right that the ensemble is known for incorporating props. costumes, stage vignettes, and audience participation for an entertaining experience that—according to them—"leaves even the pickiest Zappa fan pining for more." AV
(Alberta Rose Theatre, Concordia)



Becky Robinson: She Gone Tour Past Event List
Portland-raised LGBTQ+ comedian Becky Robinson has made a name for herself in LA, creating a loveable loudmouth character that went viral during the darkest days of the pandemic and developing a one-woman show, The Heavy Pour Tour, that sold out venues nationwide. Find out what the fuss is about at this performance—maybe Robinson will have more Tinder tales to tell. LC
(Aladdin Theater, Brooklyn)

Michelle Wolf: It’s Great to Be Here Past Event List
Michelle Wolf's wisecracks about Sarah Huckabee Sanders were so effective that the White House Correspondents’ Association ended the decades-long tradition of having a comic at their annual dinner. Impressive. She'll hit Seattle on the heels of her latest Netflix comedy special, sharing more of the no-holds-barred comedy that The Daily Beast described as "the future of stand-up." LC
(Revolution Hall, Buckman)


Blood Simple Past Event List
Joel and Ethan Coen's debut feature Blood Simple is a sharp, penetrating, career-launching noir that introduced the world to the brothers' signature style of unorthodox black comedy. Frances McDormand stars in the '85 Texas thriller, which follows a grody bar owner who hires a private eye to tail his wife. Pauline Kael called it "cruel and ghoulish," which perked up my ears—the Coens can tackle dark topics, but they're typically more playful about it. LC
(Hollywood Theatre, Hollywood District)

Gummo in 35mm Past Event List
Gummo's grimy, feel-bad nature is part of its charm—Harmony Korine's '97 flick was named the worst film of the year by the New York Times, which is exactly why I love it. Foretelling what would become Korine's long career of weirdo subversion, the film follows the residents of a forgotten Ohio town filled with bigots, hedonists, and perverts. But Korine's goal isn't just shock value; he always makes an effort to humanize his characters, no matter how grody. (Chloe Sevigny's in this one, if you need a more palatable reason to check it out.) LC
(Hollywood Theatre, Hollywood District)


8th Annual Baker's Dozen: Coffee Beer & Doughnut Fest Past Event List
This annual festival pays tribute to Portland's sacred trifecta of coffee, beer, and doughnuts with a lineup of coffee beers brewed with beans from local roasters, unlimited coffee samples, and morsels of fried dough. This year's lineup includes coffee and beer duos like Baerlic + Water Avenue Coffee, Crux Fermentation Project + Backporch Coffee, and Fort George + Coava Coffee, plus treats from favorites Blue Star, Coco Donuts, Helen Bernhardt Bakery, and Delicious Donuts. JB
(Culmination Brewing, Kerns)


Bryson Tiller Past Event List
The first time I heard Bryson Tiller was his feature on Summer Walker's "Playing Games," which samples Destiny's Child's iconic "Say My Name." Although the song isn't technically his, it captures Tiller's "trapsoul" ethos of wrapping '90s R&B nostalgia in trap beats. He will return to Portland to support his new self-titled album which features the TikTok viral hit "Whatever She Wants." Arrive in time to catch opening sets from DJ Nitrane and Slum Tiller. AV
(Theater of the Clouds, Lloyd District)

Jesse McCartney Past Event List
Those born in the mid- to late-'90s will remember child actor-turned-singer Jesse McCartney as the dreamy Tiger Beat centerfold with blonde highlights who hit the Radio Disney airwaves with his 2004 debut single "Beautiful Soul." Since then, he’s gone on to voice characters in a handful of family-friendly blockbusters and compete on season three of The Masked Singer. He’ll hit the stage to support his introspective new EP, All's Well, but my fingers are crossed that he’ll dust off some of his old stuff, too. AV
(Crystal Ballroom, West End)

Kyle: Smyle Live Again Past Event List
Whether you find rapper Kyle unbearably corny or refreshingly genuine, one cannot deny the impact his role has had on modern day hip-hop. Far from the stereotypical rapper, Kyle’s not slinging hyper masculinity or machismo, but instead puts forth a friendly, nerdy, nice guy image and music that’s often bright, poppy, and sweet. In early March, Kyle released his seventh studio album, Smyle Again, the sequel to 2015’s Smyle—although the new project doesn’t share a ton of sonic similarities with the first. One of the most notable and impactful tracks on Smyle Again is “Sweetest Thing,” which was written through the pains of grief that helped Kyle process a breakup that happened shortly before the death of his father. Kyle has shared the story about showing up to a studio session scheduled with Shawn Mendes, who created a safe space for him to create something beautiful out of that pain. Kyle’s emotion is raw and palpable on the track, and he can even be heard audibly crying as he shakily delivers the sweet lines he wrote to his father: “Hey, Father, I hope that you're alright/ I got to hold your hand in my dream last night.” Folks should hope to hear a live rendition of the song on the artist's Smyle Live Again tour, along with other album standouts like “Who’s Taking You Home,” and “Somethin Bout You.” We're also hoping for classics and deeper cuts on the setlist. PORTLAND MERCURY CONTRIBUTOR JENNI MOORE
(Star Theater, Old Town-Chinatown)

Puccini: In Concert Past Event List
One hundred years after the death of Italian composer Giacomo Puccini, the Portland Opera will honor his legacy with a one-night-only performance of his enduring compositions. If intense cinematic classical music stresses you out, consider giving Puccini a chance—his works are primarily slow, romantic, and build gradually. AV
(Keller Auditorium, Downtown)


The Portland Ballet presents John Clifford's A Midsummer Night's Dream Past Event List
John Clifford's witty adaptation of A Midsummer Night's Dream promises chaotic sprites, misplaced affections, love potions, a grand pas de deux, and a hybrid donkey-man with a fairy girlfriend. Anticipate plenty of mischief, costumes in pastel rainbow hues, and a lilting Felix Mendelssohn score. The production's enchanted forest setting evokes the charm of our neck of the woods. LC
(Lincoln Hall, South Park Blocks)



Mommie Dearest with Donatella Nobody // SOCIAL CINEMA Past Event List
Starring Faye Dunaway as an off-the-rails movie star, the creepy-crawly cult classic Mommie Dearest unveils one of cinema's freakiest abusive moms—you'll definitely be rooting for her adopted daughter in this callous-yet-compelling tale. It's campy wickedness at its finest, and local pearl-clutcher Donatella Nobody will bring a deadly dose of drag elegance to the screening. LC
(Tomorrow Theater, Richmond)


Teenage Fanclub Past Event List
Thirty-five years into their career, Glasgow-based luminaries Teenage Fanclub are still churning out gloriously catchy, charming, and slightly sad indie rock songs. Last year, the band released their twelfth album Nothing Lasts Forever, which takes cues from '60s rock bands like the Byrds for rich harmonies, warm guitars, and a slight country twang. Welsh folk singer Sweet Baboo will open. AV
(Mississippi Studios, Boise)



Ceasefire: Aaron Hankins Past Event List
Self-taught artist Aaron Hankins will present an "endurance and protest art installation" in Ceasefire, which tracks each day of the ongoing genocide in Gaza through daily paintings of watermelons, a symbol of Palestinian solidarity. Hankins's paintings (created on the backs of USPS mailers) are full of symbolism—the watermelon seeds "denote numerical order and serve as a physical log of the days at unrest." The paintings are stitched together in a growing banner. Hankins will lead ceasefire demonstrations in the gallery for the exhibition's duration. LC
(One Grand Gallery, Buckman, Monday-Friday; closing)


Aggro Dr1ft Past Event List
I've been a Harmony Korine fan (and apologist—looking at you, Trash Humpers) since I was a teen, believing wholly that Gummo and Kids were peak cinema. Korine has always seemed unconcerned with the line between experimental and wide-release film, and this typically works in his favor. Aggro Dr1ft seems hellbent on toeing the line again; the first project released under his EDGLRD banner was described as having "all the commerciality of penis cancer, look like the ugliest fucking Playstation 1 game you’ve ever seen" by Indiewire. Here's what I know: The film exclusively uses infrared photography, Travis Scott is in it, and there's some sort of hitman-against-crime lord plot set against a psychedelic swirl of the Miami underworld. Um, sign me up, I think? LC
(Cinema 21, Nob Hill, Friday-Sunday)

The Beast Past Event List
For a film that begins in 1910 during the Great Flood of Paris, The Beast feels achingly alive with the anxiety of existing in 2024. Based in part on Henry James’s 1903 novella, The Beast in the Jungle, about a man who believes his whole life is steered toward an impending catastrophe, the latest and tenth film by Bertrand Bonello finds that same “deep-seated feeling that something terrible will occur” in the heart of a woman named Gabrielle (Léa Seydoux), and bends eternity around it. Across three lifetimes, Seydoux plays a lovelorn woman who waits for doom. Whatever that doom is, it doesn’t matter; it might as well be the apocalypse. If that seems like the stuff of a great, sappy cinematic romance, it is, but the work of Bonello tends to refuse simple categories. The French multi-hyphenate (director-writer-composer) makes destabilizing films, ever-shifting emulsions of form and genre. Read the Mercury's whole review. PORTLAND MERCURY CONTRIBUTOR DOM SINACOLA
(Cinema 21, Nob Hill, Monday-Thursday)

Challengers Remind List
Italian auteur Luca Guadagnino's latest follows Zendaya as Tashi, a prodigy tennis player-turned-coach whose training transformed her husband into a national champion. Things get weird and maybe horny when she forces him to play a pro-tournament "Challenger" event alongside her former boyfriend. Do I care about tennis? No, of course not!! But I don't ask for much—Zendaya and a psychosexual plotline are enough for me. LC
(Cinema 21, Nob Hill, Monday-Thursday)

Civil War Past Event List
Alex Garland's latest, Civil War, is A24's most expensive in-house production to date, following a group of military-embedded journos headed to DC "before rebel factions descend upon the White House." Honestly, I'm wary of how he'll handle this one, although Garland's work does tend to thrive in dystopian settings. But Kristen Dunst stars as a photojournalist, which is reason enough to watch. Also, Garland may or may not be retiring from directing ("I’m going to take a break for the foreseeable future," he clarified recently), so if you're a fan of the filmmaker behind Annihilation and Men, you should plan to let his new one marinate. LC
(Hollywood Theatre, Hollywood District, Monday-Thursday)

Evil Does Not Exist Remind List
Ryusuke Hamaguchi’s follow-up to the Murakami-inspired Oscar winner Drive My Car follows a father and daughter who spend their days gathering wild foods for a local udon restaurant. Their livelihood might be threatened when a city agency plans to create a bougie "glamping" site not far from their rustic hamlet. (Fuck glampers, am I right?) Evil Does Not Exist won the 2023 Venice Silver Lion; I'm intrigued by the film's quiet, snowy cinematography and its naturalistic approach. LC
(Cinema 21, Nob Hill, Thursday-Sunday)

Sasquatch Sunset Past Event List
If you aren't riveted by the prospect of this film, well, we're two very different people. David and Nathan Zellner's Sasquatch Sunset follows a family of Bigfoots (Bigfeet?) over the course of one year, as they wander, grunt, and munch mushrooms in North America's foggy forests. Riley Keough and Jesse Eisenberg star, and they look like this. We owe it to them to go see this film as payment for the zillion hours they spent having prosthetics applied. LC
(Cinema 21, Nob Hill, Monday-Thursday)

Wings of Desire Past Event List
New German Cinema pioneer Wim Wenders, who directed Perfect Days and a mysterious terrain of canyons and neon in Paris, Texas, might be best known for his '87 masterpiece Wings of Desire. If you loved Tokyo toilet scrubber Hirayama, who filled his days with cassette tapes and photos of trees in Perfect Days, I recommend giving this film your time—it feels far more experimental, but still in the spirit of Wenders's deliciously "slow" cinema and emphasis on desolation. Shot in black and white just before the fall of the Berlin Wall, the film follows two angels who soar over the city until one falls in love with a human. LC
(Hollywood Theatre, Hollywood District, Monday-Thursday)


The Brother and the Bird Past Event List
Another dark fairytale hits the stage this spring, courtesy of one of Portland's most exciting theater companies Shaking the Tree. Adapted from a short story by Alissa Nutting—which was itself an adaptation of Grimm's Fairy Tale "The Juniper Tree"—The Brother and the Bird contains all the tabloid stuff of humanity found in stories like Cinderella and myths about Thyestes. You may have read Nutting's story in the 2010 anthology My Mother She Killed Me, My Father He Ate Me: Forty New Fairy Tales, but through the vision of the company's artistic director, Samantha Van Der Merwe, the tale is about to get wilder, darker, and more human than before. PORTLAND MERCURY ARTS AND CULTURE EDITOR SUZETTE SMITH
(Shaking the Tree Theatre, Hosford-Abernethy, Thursday–Sunday)

Legally Blonde The Musical Remind List
Self-discovery! Not-so-subtle feminist themes! Pink! Try not to look so constipated at this musical interpretation of Legally Blonde, which follows our bouncy blonde queen as she conquers Harvard and her dreams. Promotional materials explain that the show is "action-packed and exploding with memorable songs and dynamic dance," so I'm hoping that everyone on stage does the bend-and-snap. LC
(Winningstad Theatre, South Park Blocks, Monday-Sunday)

Nassim Past Event List
It's not possible to perform Nassim the same way twice, but it's all too easy to spoil the show for those who haven't seen it. We're reminded of a challenge Artists Repertory Theatre laid down when they staged Red Rabbit White Rabbit, which is also by Iranian playwright Nassim Soleimanpour: "We dare you not to Google for more."
That said, we wrote a SPOILER-FREE review that you CAN READ. Find it here.
(Portland Center Stage, Pearl District, Monday-Sunday)


Changing the Narrative: Epilogue Past Event List
Featuring new works by Arantza Peña Popo, Christina Tran, Daniela Ortiz Mendez, Jai Milx, Kacy McKinney, Kimberléa Ruffu, Liz Yerby, and many others, Changing the Narrative: Epilogue explores homelessness research through multimedia. Comics, textiles, ceramics, installations, and collage works will be exhibited alongside the original 10 comics from Changing the Narrative. Best part? "Sales of the exhibition book will benefit the Independent Resource Center, and sales of the third edition of Changing the Narrative (with new content from Street Roots vendors) will benefit Street Roots," ILY2 explains. LC
(ILY2 too, Lloyd District, Thursday–Saturday; closing)

The circus and the beach Past Event List
Elbow Room, a local arts organization providing material support, mentorship, and studio space to artists experiencing intellectual and developmental disabilities, has a longstanding relationship with PICA, and this exhibition curated by PICA's artistic director Kristan Kennedy is the latest exciting art event to blossom from the partnership. The circus and the beach, presented at ILY2, features works by Tess Bidelspach, Elmeater Morton, and Mohamed Omar, all of whom work at Elbow Room. LC
(ILY2, Pearl District, Wednesday–Saturday; closing)

Francesca Capone: A Mother's Discourse Remind List
I first wrote about Francesca Capone's work back in 2018—the artist's show Think of Seashells was the subject of one of my first long-form reviews. While researching for my BFA thesis in fibers, I also turned to her textile pieces, so Capone's tactile language has left a lasting impact on my occipital lobe. Perhaps you'll develop the same attachment after seeing this exhibition: Capone's latest, A Mother's Discourse, explores the complexities of post-Roe v. Wade motherhood through soft weavings and an archive library of child-rearing literature. (For more art that traverses the complex terrain of maternity, check out Toni Pepe: Mothercraft at Blue Sky Gallery.) LC
(Nationale, Buckman, Monday-Thursday-Sunday)

Heidi Schwegler: Existential Action Thriller Past Event List
I've followed Heidi Schwegler's art practice for years, and it's not just because I used to be her catsitter. Schwegler alters and re-casts everyday objects to create eerie integrations and uncanny hybrid forms, prompting endless questions and curiosities. In Existential Action Thriller, the inquiries continue—a hand-braided cotton rug purchased on eBay melds with a strand of hair, a cat’s claw, remnants of a corn chip, and a splash of wine. It all sounds pretty typical within a domestic sphere, but don't be fooled. "Our domestic objects absorb memory as the events that make up our lives are forever crystalized in their materiality," says Schwegler. I believe it. LC
(PCC Sylvania Campus, Southwest Portland, Monday-Sunday)

Las Vegas Ikebana: Maren Hassinger and Senga Nengudi Remind List
Las Vegas Ikebana centers the cross-genre practices of Maren Hassinger and Senga Nengudi, whose artistic paths have been entwined since the pair met in 1977. They've developed an extensive body of time-based performance works informed by choreography, sculpture, and "conceptual correspondences" amid institutional neglect. In other words, they are perhaps the coolest best friends ever. The exhibition's absurdist title is pulled from "Hassinger’s experience working in a flower shop in Los Angeles and Nengudi’s exploration of Japanese aesthetic forms," and speaks to the duo's interest in improvisation, pop culture, humor, and the natural world. Programming for Las Vegas Ikebana includes “Don’t be Scared”: A Talk on the Art of Collaboration by Maren Hassinger and Senga Nengudi, with thoughts from exhibition curator Allie Tepper, Dr. Leslie King Hammond, and Dr. Lowery Stokes Sims, and See-See Riders, a performance choreographed by Nengudi and danced by sidony o'neal and keyon gaskin. LC
(Cooley Gallery at Reed College, Reed, Thursday–Sunday)

Moon Rabbit: Jean Isamu Nagai and Ash Wyatt Past Event List
Both Jean Isamu Nagai and Ash Wyatt make tremendously textured work, evoking abstracted landscapes where there may be none. Nagai’s mystical, pointillistic color field paintings reference the subtle interconnectedness of moments in time. Wyatt’s high-contrast images are made of soft materials like horsehair, wool, cotton, and vintage linens, and channel the natural spaces their ancestors traversed without specificity. Curator Morgan Ritter unites their work for this show, overlapping the artist's respective approaches of using tactile, painstaking process to capture images of the infinite. PORTLAND MERCURY CONTRIBUTOR ASHLEY GIFFORD PETERSON
(ARTspace, Lake Oswego, Tuesday–Friday; closing)

Policing Justice Remind List
Guest curated by University of Oregon associate professor Nina Amstutz and local social design artist Cleo Davis, Policing Justice probes Portland's policing practices and their relationship to "longer local and national histories of oppression." The exhibition centers Portland artists who have seen and documented police brutality, including the George Floyd protests, and includes commissioned installations by Don't Shoot Portland, Michael Bernard Stevenson Jr., Cleo Davis, Kayin Talton Davis, and others. Works on loan by Alfredo Jaar, Sandy Rodriguez, and Carrie Mae Weems lend a wider scope to the exhibition, and Forensic Architecture's video installation details an investigation into PPB's use of tear gas during the 2020 protests. Show up for abolition and take part in one of the exhibition's several accompanying programs, including a community conversation symposium, a series of film screenings at the Clinton Street Theater, and an ethical visual storytelling workshop. LC
(PICA, Eliot, Thursday–Sunday)

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