Break Bread Sandwich Shop

101 SW Main St Suite 125 (Downtown Portland)
Portland, OR 97204

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For being one of the whitest cities in the US, it's surprisingly hard to find a good sandwich in Portland. So when Break Bread opened a year ago, I rejoiced at its steady application of the sandwich points I hold dear: sauce, greenery, crunch, pickled items, doesn't make your hands smell like sandwich, and overall stability. Though you can "Build Your Own" at Break Bread, why would you? They've got the recipes figured out. For the vegetarians I recommend the Credible Hunk which puts roasted bell pepper, tomato, pickled shallots, avocado, and vegan sriracha mayo together and stabilizes it all with copious mixed greens. If meat is your thing, I'm a big fan of the CAR (chicken, avocado, ranch dressing, and delightful crispy onions). Pro tip: If crunchy baguette-style bread makes your life complete, dish out the fifty cents for the Dutch Crunch. SUZETTE SMITH

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