East Glisan Pizza Lounge

8001 NE Glisan (Montavilla)
Portland, Oregon 97213
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IT'S EASY to please with pizza. Like sex, you kind of want it all the time, and both are usually pretty palatable... even when they're not the best. With the arrival of East Glisan Pizza Lounge, Montavilla's got its new hookup buddy—and it doesn't even care if you have kids. The pies crafted in this inviting two-room former Mexican restaurant are a solid addition to the area, and good enough for those of us who live west of César E. Chávez Blvd. to cheat on our own favorite spot at least a few times. East Glisan should definitely be on the list for both pizza completists and those looking to satisfy a carnal desire for melty cheese, meat, and bread. ANDREA DAMEWOOD

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