Prey + Tell

3560 N Mississippi (Boise)
Portland, OR 97227
open until 2 am daily

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Former Revelry chef de cuisine Diane Lam's virtual Cambodian fried chicken pop-up Prey + Tell has found a permanent home in Psychic Bar. The project is described as "Cambodian streets meets French hospitality" on Instagram and will have a multi-media component, with live-streamed programming like game shows and comedy shows to watch on Instagram or Twitch as you eat. You can choose from four different rice packs wrapped in banana leaves to complement your fried chicken, including jasmine rice with Thai pickles, jasmine rice with edible glitter (!), jasmine rice with crushed instant ramen noodles, or cauliflower rice with herb salad, as well as several house-made dipping sauces, like ranch and lime-leaf buffalo sauce.
open until 2 am daily

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