Cafe Flora

2901 E Madison St (Madison Valley)
Seattle, WA 98112

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Cafe Flora was born in 1991 of a utopian dream. It was to be—according to the harmonious views of three Madison Valley friends—the perfect restaurant: community-based, using local and organic ingredients whenever possible, and fully, ambitiously vegetarian. A million years later, it remains a Seattle destination for upscale meat-free cuisine, presenting rigorously ethical, ecofriendly cuisine that’s good enough to inspire lust in vegetarians. (The kitchen harnesses the power of salt, cheese, cream sauces, and the deep fryer in ways more pious vegetarian joints do not, while also maintaining a roster of vegan and gluten-free items.) And while Flora’s not working enough magic to make fans of carnivores, they’ll probably still like the famous Oaxaca tacos and portobello Wellington.

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