Pho Bac

1314 S Jackson St (Central District)
Seattle, WA 98144
Daily 7 am-9 pm

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Family Meals
"Little Saigon’s well-known Vietnamese restaurant Pho Bac offers two takeout options: ready-to-eat pho for pickup, or meal kits with instructions on preparation. There are also family meal combos and take-home bottles of wine." (Via Eater) Best of all, the restaurant will deliver your order on the "Pho Mobile," a tricked-out parking enforcement vehicle, and will donate a portion of proceeds to the Chinatown-International District Relief Fund. See more details here.
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(Charles Mudede)
Dating back to 1982, Pho Bac is O.G. pho chain in Seattle (as they put it: "Best phở in Seattle. Maybe. Don't really know. Who cares, just eat it"). This iconic location, which received a facelift in 2019, is housed in a cheery red boat complete with a palm tree and glittery golden disco ball, so you can imagine you're on a leisurely cruise as you slurp your pho and bún bò huế. It's also just outside the newer, hipper spinoff Pho Bac Súp Shop.
Daily 7 am-9 pm

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