The Old Sage

1410 12th Ave (Capitol Hill)
Seattle, WA 98122
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(Kelly O)
The Old Sage Smoked Meats and Malts is the conception of Brian McCracken and Dana Tough, the duo behind Spur, the Coterie Room, and Tavern Law, and it's on the same block as the latter, joining the Capitol Hill partytime circuit. Per the website, the place's "shadowy allure" offers the neighborhood "an urban hearth, celebrating humble meats and vegetables, paired with all varieties of malted beverages for sipping. Under the muralled gaze of a teetotal-ling City pioneer, guests of The Old Sage enjoy skillfully smoked meats and seafood... The incandescently lit bar hosts a library of scotch and a rotating selection of artisanal craft beers, which satisfy those less moderate in this city of pioneers." The teetotaler is Arthur Denny, the look is post-industrial men's club, and while the prose leaves something to be desired, the food and drink will probably be great.

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