Sword of Trust

Stranger Says: Lynn Shelton is the first local filmmaker to open the Seattle International Film Festival twice. Her last film to kick off SIFF, Your Sister’s Sister, back in 2012, starred Emily Blunt and was set in the San Juan Islands. Shelton is probably best known for 2009’s Humpday, starring Mark Duplass, or 2014’s Laggies with Kiera Knightley and Sam Rockwell—both films set in the city of Seattle. Her latest, Sword of Trust, starring Marc Maron (who will be in attendance at the SIFF kickoff screening, and whom Shelton has directed on the Netflix show Glow), is her first set outside Washington State. She shot it in Birmingham, Alabama, in a mere two weeks. (CHRISTOPHER FRIZZELLE)

SIFF Says: In local filmmaker Lynn Shelton’s latest, two women (Jillian Bell and Michaela Watkins) attempt to unload an inherited Civil War sword onto a curmudgeonly pawnshop owner (Marc Maron) and reluctantly enter a world of conspiracy theory and Southern disillusionment.

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Lynn Shelton
Michaela Watkins, Marc Maron, Jon Bass