The Legend of the Stardust Brothers

Stranger Says: This is one of my favorite cult films of all time. Originally a big flop in Japan, this colorful musical biopic of a fictional new-wave duo in 1980s-era Tokyo has slowly made a comeback, now touring the international circuit as a cult gem. The son of manga genius Osamu Tezuka (Astroboy, Metropolis), director Macoto Tezuka’s visual style is masterful in his first feature, depicting a wild, unique subculture (the Japanese avant-garde new wave) at its apex. If you're curious, the ’80s-era clips from the Instagram account are good examples of what you’re getting yourself into. (CHASE BURNS)

SIFF Says: ROCKY HORROR meets A HARD DAY'S NIGHT in this lost gem of 1980s Japanese cinema, a bonkers musical biopic of the titular, fictional new wave duo that turns the screen into a live-action glitter rock manga.

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Macoto Tezuka
Shingo Kubota, Kan Takagi, Kyôko Togawa