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All locations with Outdoor Dining and Dine-In near Rainier Valley, Beacon Hill, Hillman City, Columbia City and Mount Baker
Black-Owned Restaurants Recommended Weed Grocery & Provisions Takeout Delivery Curbside Pickup Walk-Up Ordering Beer/Wine/Booze
Showing locations near 98101
1425 31st Ave S
Mount Baker


Though the local pizza chain boasts four locations, the one you want to go to is the original spot, about a half mile up from the Mount Baker light rail statio…
3601 S McClellan St
Mount Baker

Pho Bac

There's a lot of pho in Seattle—some good, some bad, some in the middle—but Pho Bac in Rainier Valley is one of the best. With a stripped-down aesthetic, inexp…
3300 Rainier Ave S
Mount Baker

Geraldine's Counter

Geraldine's serves "Seattle's Best Breakfast" and comfort food lunches.
4872 Rainier Ave S
Rainier Valley
5041 Rainier Ave S
Rainier Valley
5303 Rainier Ave S
Rainier Valley

Slow Boat Tavern

Opened in late 2015, Hillman City’s Slow Boat Tavern feels like it’s been there forever. The bar is lined with leather stools, peanut shells adorn the floor, a…
5701 Rainier Ave S
Rainier Valley