Teku Tavern

552 Denny Way (Belltown)
Seattle, Washington 98109

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Outdoor Dining
"Starting this week [April 13], we’re updating our ‘To-Go’ Hours and will be open Daily 2-8pm! We’re continuing to stock your favorite items and bringing in new ones for your at home needs! Thanks to everyone who continues to support us, it means the world to us! We encourage you to use our online store that’s up to date with all current products and crowler fills to place your order, then simply stopping in to pick it up."
Upcoming Events
South Lake Union's latest beer bar features a “Digital Pour beer inventory system" that displays, in real time, how much beer is left in each keg "so you’ll never miss an opportunity to get the last pint of the precious beer you’ve been hunting,” according to the Washington Beer Blog. “Information about the availability of beers on tap and in the coolers will be available via table-top digital kiosks and on the tavern’s website.” Teku is in techbropolis, and it’s clearly all about the digital future, so we're going to venture a guess and say that there will probably be a lot of dudes wearing ID badges here. That said, the owners are noted home brewers and beer bloggers, and the selection is likely to be fabulous. To wit, the name is an homage to the TeKu glass—deemed to be the best beer-tasting goblet in the game—a bit of beer nerdery that gives their pedigree away.

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