When I was 10 years old, I read in a newspaper that a new film called Alien was so terrifying that people were not only fainting out of fear during screenings but also taken out of the theater on stretchers. I badly wanted to see this movie: one that was so terrifying it could send a person to the emergency room. But Alien was rated R. "You too young to watch this movie," said the man in the box office of the theater that was near my school, Janney Elementary, in Washington, DC. I begged and begged; he said no and no and kept telling me that this film was only for grown people because it had an evil alien that was fucking scary. "But I just want to see people fainting and screaming," I pleaded. "The alien won't scare me none," I promised. He said no for the final time, and I, wearing tube socks and carrying a Charlie Brown backpack, walked slowly and sadly back to my elementary school. This happened 40 years ago.

by Charles Mudede
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