I Feel Pretty

I Feel Pretty is about a woman (Schumer) who suffers from a lack of confidence due to, you know, existing. After hitting her head in a spin class, she starts to believe she’s beautiful, which leads first to a positive attitude and then to successes in love and her career in selling makeup. (UGH.) It’s supposed to be funny, because everyone can plainly see that Schumer is disgustingly average! LOL, right?! A silly lady over 30 who weighs more than 120 pounds thinks she’s pretty! HA HA HA! I laughed until I cried, because I am also over 30 and weigh more than 120 pounds, and my body could serve as a punchline, too. In one scene, Schumer’s character enters a bikini contest. The audience at my screening ate it up, because she looks different in a bikini than the 19-year-old models behind her. But you know what? Schumer has actual six-pack abs. Like, you can see all of the muscles in her body. The woman did not have a visible bit of cellulite on her. And this is what we’re supposed to laugh at? by Elinor Jones
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Abby Kohn, Marc Silverstein
Amy Schumer, Michelle Williams, Rory Scovel