Jesus Is King

Whatever your feelings about Kanye’s conversion and all the ridiculous shit that has spilled out of his mouth because of it, one thing is undeniable: It has resulted in some of the best work of his career. That definitely goes for Jesus Is King, the new album Kanye dropped into the world today. Even better is Jesus Is King: A Kanye West Film, the IMAX movie that was also released today. Directed by Nick Knight, this visual treat is also short, running just over 30 minutes. Almost the entire film was shot within Roden Crater, a large-scale artwork built into a volcanic cinder cone by James Turrell. Into it, West brings a large gospel choir and lets them cut loose on a series of songs, accompanied only by Hammond organ and piano, using the natural resonance of the round room known as the Crater’s Eye. No matter your faith or your feelings about West, this film will leave you buzzing.

by Robert Ham
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Nick Knight
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