All Barbecue/Southern Restaurants near Portland
327 SW Morrison St.
Southwest Portland

Sloppy Town

Open late and featured a plethora of "sloppy food". Sloppy joes, sloppy tacos and sloppy mac and cheese, with all sorts of savory fillings. Cash only, but reas…
518 SW 4th Avenue
Southwest Portland
813 SW Alder
Southwest Portland
438 SW 3rd
Downtown Portland

Central Kitchen Online Food Hall

Veteran restaurateurs John Plew and Keith Castro have opened this "online food hall" with six virtual restaurants and one shared kitchen. Customers can order f…
816 SE 8th Ave
Buckman Neighborhood
1080 SE Madison (in the Asylum Pod)
Buckman Neighborhood
2327 NW Kearney
Buckman Neighborhood
1207 SE Hawthorne
Buckman Neighborhood

Smokehouse 21

Toward the tail end of last year, Chef BJ Smith—formerly of the slightly more hoity and far more toity downtown "dinerant" the Original—c…

413 NW 21st
Northwest Portland
1000 SE 12th Ave.
Buckman Neighborhood

Pink Rose

Situated a few feet beneath that OfficeMax in the Pearl District, the Pink Rose is a subterranean bunker of bad taste. You enter through an archway bearing a t…
1300 NE Lovejoy
Northwest Portland

Dr. Sushi & BBQ

IF DR. SUSHI IS, in fact, the doctor he claims to be, I get the feeling he's a general practitioner. The newest iteration of the old Sammy's space on NW 23rd, …
333 NW 23rd
Northwest Portland
375 NE Holladay St.
Northeast Portland
1708 E Burnside St.
Buckman Neighborhood

Southland Whiskey Kitchen

Sometimes you just need a face-full of barbecue and a Southern Punch. Though the Dixie-land flair of the food at Southland Whiskey Kitchen—featuring fried chic…
1422 NW 23rd
Northwest Portland